Agent Program

When you are trying to go big, doing all the work yourself wont be enough. That is why you need to use your influencers to do that work for you that will help you go big.

Your key focus today

  1. How an agent program works
  2. How do you get agents
  3. How to pay agents
  4. How to set agent commission
  5. See agent activity details

Fundamentals of Agent Program

Agent program is your business influencer program. Agents are your influencers. They sell your products and services to your customers in exchange of commissions that you set for them. You can monitor their activities from this dashboard and see the progress. You can give them bonus rewards according to their performance from here as well. You can invite and get in touch with new agents from the agent market place.

Set date ranges to see specific agent activities

At the beginning of the agent dashboard page there is a date filtering option where you can choose from which date to which you want to see the results from. At the right side you can get a link to share your agent program to someone outside of the market place.

Overall agent status

This is a summary dashboard of all of your agents. You can see the balance, sales, commission, bonus, earnings, total number of agents and % selling agents here. You can also download the agent commission details by clicking the download button.

Available Agents

Below the overall agent status, is a horizontal list of agents. If you do not have any agents of yourself, you can just choose from this list and get in touch with them directly via whatsapp from this portal or invite them over mail.

My Agents

Below the available agent list is your current active agent list.

Clicking on any of their show details option, you can see their activities.

You can click the view button to see that specific order they have closed. You can also click the “click to see account statement” to see the status of that agent account.

Other than that, you can directly pay that agent from this portal.

Agent Program