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End-to-End CRM Solution



EZassist provides you with a chatbot that will be your own digital brand representative. A chatbot interacts with the customers and takes them through the entire journey of purchasing – from browsing products to asking for details to placing an order – will be covered by EZassist’s chatbot. Customize the chatbot to fit your business, in multiple languages. A chatbot provides instantaneous replies, so never miss another order due to late reply and earn money while you sleep!


Lead Management

EZAssist can automatically classify the leads coming in on your FB Messenger chatbot, and you can also sort them into groups based on the stage of interaction. You can add additional information and sort your leads based on location, industry and more.

But that’s not all – add your external leads onto EZAssist and manage them all together from one place. Set up follow-up notes, assign tasks and follow-ups to team members, and efficiently manage your leads with EZAssist. Your customer relationships will only grow stronger!



Blast messages to large groups of  targeted people over SMS, Email, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger – generate leads, get engagement, convert customers, and retarget easily.

Entice customers with highly customizable promocodes that you can design or different discount campaigns.



EZAssist automatically generates an insights dashboard with analyses of your leads, your orders, and your follow up tasks with team members. You can make insight driven decisions for your business by knowing an overview of what is going on in your business, at a glance. 


Order Management

Managing your orders like a pro is essential to ensure customer satisfaction in the digital landscape. EZassist has a dedicated order management dashboard to track your order status, and you can also manually change order status. You will also get a holistic sense of the total revenue earned and promotion incentives provided. Easily sort orders by status, create automatic invoice, and never mismanage an order!


Multichannel Online Selling

EZAssist creates a seamless journey for you to sell anywhere. Set up your webshop, start sharing link and sell anywhere. Create direct checkout links for faster sale closure, and send automatic invoice.

Sell from webshop, over Messenger, or one-to-one selling with checkout link!


Stock Management

With EZAssist, you can get a holistic overview of your company’s stock. It expertly updates and manages your stock records in real time with order status progression. This eliminates any discrepancy along with the need for manual record-keeping.

Know what to stock and when to stock, with EZAssist.


Payment Gateway

Choose online popular payment methods such as bKash, SSLCommerz, Nagad, Rocket, etc. or just directly connect your bank account. Sign up for bKash Merchant Account with EZAssist.

Connect with multiple payment methods without hassle, let your customers pay through any payment method they prefer. It’s a win-win for both you and your customers!


Delivery Partners

Getting registered with delivery partners can be a hassle and your chosen delivery partner might not always perform as expected. Signing up with EZAssist gives you access to a number of delivery partners, each with their unique strengths and weaknesses. You can choose from a number of delivery services for each of your orders based on what you need for a specific order, ensuring the best delivery fit for you and your customers with every order.  

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