Business Settings

When you start your journey in this life, you are given a unique identity. This is done so that you are not confused to be someone else. A birth certificate is given to you with all your information. Who is your parents, what is your address, the date you were born, etc. Business settings is much like that. The Unique Identity Proof of your business. So that when something is done from your business, it can be linked back to this information. 

Business Information is like Unique Identity of your business. Without it, there is no proof that your business is yours

This is the most crucial part as no matter how hard you work, if it can’t be linked back to this information, you will not get the desired result.  

Your Key Focus Today

  1. Create account or Log in to EZAssist
  2. Create your online shop and link
  3. Provide details of your business
  4. Setup financial transaction information
  5. Select EZ Options for EZ operations

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Get Unique Web Shop

Clicking in the basic information tab, you will see a dropdown. The first option is named Unique Shop Name. Here you give the unique name of your shop/ business. There are some restrictions in the naming style. Your Shop Name must be unique, at least 8 characters long, and cannot contain any spaces or special characters. This name will be the core part of your Web Shop link. The shop will be automatically created from this. The link format to your shop would be “yourshopname.ezassist.me”

For example, your shop name is “MyBakery”. Then your web shop link would be “mybakery.ezassist.me”


Only putting the unique name of the shop will not create the web shop link. You have to fill up all the mandatory options in the basic information tab to create it. The mandatory options are Company Name, Company Email, Company phone number, Owner name, Address, Country, Preferred Currency and Default Delivery Charges. 

Set Business Information

In this section you provide information like About Company, Company no., Business reference no., Tax no., identification number and type etc. None of these are mandatory but it is encouraged that you put it if your company has it.

There are two more options which are not mandatory as well but highly recommended to put in. these are the Company logo and The Company Cover Page. These will be shown in your Web Shop. There is no definite image resolution for the company logo but the cover page resolution must be 1320*300. 

Set Financial Information

In the bank details dropdown tab, you can provide your Bank Name, Bank A/C Name, Bank A/C number, Direct Bank Transfer Instructions. Whenever there is a settlement necessary 

Set Order And EZ Options

In this dropdown tab, you have to enable some important options. These are:

Marketplace: Marketplaces are online markets where people see your shop and products. If you opt out of it, only people with your Web Shop link will be able to go to your Web Shop. There are a few marketplaces available depending on your company location.

Allow self-pickup: This means you will allow your customers to come to your physical business place/ shop to collect their orders.

Allow bank transfer: Enabling this means customers will be able to send their payment to your bank account.

Pass PGWFee to Customer: This is Payment Gate Way Fee. Enabling this will pass that fee to the customer. The customer will be notified before confirming the order about this.

Use EZ Payment: Allowing this will show the customer EZ payment options that you add to your shop from the dropdown list here.

Use EZ Delivery: Enabling this means you will deliver your products using the delivery partners of EZAssist.


Available delivery location: Here you add where are the places you deliver 

We can see all the information we have given before in here.  

This way we can see all our products in the website, webshop, and messenger as well.  

We can see all the information we have given before in here.  

This way we can see all our products in the website, webshop, and messenger as well.