Messenger Chatbot

This is the best representation of “earn money while you sleep” in today’s digital world. For this you have to click on the FAQ tab and you will be taken to the chatbot training page.

The first time you go here, you will be shown the default options for replying messages. These are the ones you don’t have to worry about setting up yourself but you can always edit the replies click on the dropdown menu and change from the reply section. You can also add your new queries by clicking the add button (plus sign beside the search button). When you manually add something, it will show orange bar instead of Blue. When you click the add button, a dropdown will be shown like the picture

Here you can add your query name and one variation of it. If you click save, it will be added to the list.

In the list you will see your new added query. If you click on the dropdown sign shown at the right of the orange bar of your query, there will be shown various options. In the below space (shown in the picture), you can write or change replies by typing there. The question mark sign is for information regarding all the signs.

Below the “Sale” in the sky-blue portion, there is a button “show variation”. A pop up will come if you click on it, a pop up will come like the one in the picture. Here you can add as many variation to the query you have set up as you want that will have the same answer.

Once you have done setting up variations, click save changes and then at the right of the orange bar, click the save button (floppy disc icon) to save the reply. You can also delete the query by clicking on the icon beside the save button.

In order to check/ test the chatbot, scroll up and click show activate. It will take you to a page like the one shown in the picture.

Here you can type the query you just saved and see the bot replying. If you are satisfied with how the reply goes, you can activate by click on the “Activate” button in orange below the title “Go live with miniME”. If you see the button “Deactivate” instead of “Activate”, this means the query is already activated and you can deactivate it if you want to.

You can go to messenger and type “REG_ME_AS_TESTER” and see from there how the bot replies without activating it to customers. Type “CLEAR_ME_AS_TESTER” to go back to normal phase. Once you activate the reply, all your customers will get the replies you have set up.