Frequently Asked Questions

How to update stock in EZassist? 

In order to update your current stock, first you click the edit button of the product of which you want the stock updated. If you notice here, the number of stock available here is 548 right now which I will update.

At the very right is various functionalities buttons horizontal list. The middle button is the edit button. If you click on it, a pop up comes like the picture below.

Then you have to scroll down in the popup to the available stock section. It looks like something shown in the picture below.

In the dropdown, you will see three options. Add to stock is used when you want to add that product to your current stock. Update stock is used when you want to change your stock information completely without addition or deduction and finally, deduct from stock is used when you want to deduct the stock of any of your products.

Now click add to stock and put 100 like the picture below. Then click save.

As you can see, the stock has been updated to 648 in the picture below.

This way you can update your product stock.