Order Management

Managing your order is one of the most important prerequisites to your business success. Being able to properly managing them is key for that matter.

Your Key Focus Today

  1. How to see orders from order page
  2. How to filter orders with specific times
  3. Understand the entire order process
  4. How to see order history
  5. How to submit the order for delivery

Fundamentals of order management

The order management page looks like the picture below. It has different filters at the top of the page, then order status bar below that.

The first one would be seeing it by different status date.

Other than that, there are some other filters like default dates, custom dates etc.

At the right side, you can create a new order.

Clicking on the Create new order button will take you to your webshop where you can order something for a customer and give them the checkout link of the order in case they are having difficulties ordering that product.

Then you would be able to filter the orders by their order status. Clicking on any of these will only show the selected type of order only.

Below that is the overall order management status bar. There are four options here. These are available balance, orders under processing, promotion incentive, delivery balance.

Available balance: There is usually a positive or a negative balance in this section. Positive means EZAssist owes you that amount of money and negative means you owe EZAssist that amount of money.

Orders Under Processing: This amount means that there are the orders that are under processing and has not been completed yet equals to this amount.

Promotion Incentive: This means the incentive that is given to you by EZAssist. Sometimes EZAssist gives incentive like free delivery on some orders, free promocodes. The amount of incentive that you get from these are put here

Delivery Balance: You have to have some balance in this in order to be able to use EZ Delivery for your orders. That balance is shown here.

Order List

Below these filtering options, you will be able to see your order list and their details. Here you can see the order number, amount of the order, name, address, email, contact of the customer, their payment methods and promocodes etc. You will also see the receipt at the right of the details which shows the different parts of the entire order.

Order Journey

An order goes through various phase in its journey. When an order is first confirmed, it is first shown as opened in the green status bar in the picture. Then you have to see and close it. After that there are two ways it can go. Accepted or verified. When the customer’s payment method is cash on delivery, you call the customer and verify that they will pay cash on delivery, you change the status to verified. The other way is when someone puts cash on delivery/ direct transfer but when you call to confirm them, they manually send you the money over online payment. That is when you put accepted in the order status. There is another way which is when the customer directly pays over online gateway. That is when the payment method becomes online payment and the order status automatically goes to paid without you doing anything. So the three equal level status are accepted, verified, or paid. From these, the next phase is to put it under processing. When you update the order status to processing, there is a small button “submit for delivery” which appears below the order details beside order history button. You click on that to submit the delivery to our delivery partners from the pop up list. Then once you submit it, the delivery partner will contact you to take your delivery and deliver it to your customers. When the delivery partners take the order from you, you change that specific order to Submitted and once the delivery is done, you change the delivery status to delivered. That is the cycle of a successful order delivery.

Now if you see an open order which has some fields missing in its details, that means the customer did not give proper details. In that case you either text them to know the details by going below the order and clicking on the messenger button or you cancel the order in case it cannot be solved.

Other than that, at any phase, if the order is cancelled, you put it as a void order.

Order History and Invoice options

Below the order details, there is another bar where you can see Invoice options using which you can copy the invoice link, share it over whatsapp or email. You can also share the order checkout options in the same way.

From the order history option, you can see at which time the status of the order changed to what.

Finally beside the order history is the show button, clicking on which will show you the order details without going to the checkout or invoice page.

Chat with customer from order management page

Below the promo code applied option in the order details there is a messenger Icon with it written “message”. If the customer has come from messenger, you can chat with the customer directly from here and solve any problem that might arise.