Understanding Promocodes

Your Key Focus Today

  1. How to set up a new campaign
  2. How to add promocodes to campaign
  3. How to schedule campaigns and promocodes
  4. Experience the campaign in messenger

Campaigns and Promocodes Basics

The campaign page preview looks like the one below

At the top, there is a promocode option where you can set up your new promocode. Search for already existing campaigns and at the right side of the search bar, you can add new campaign, see already running schedules and their details and save your choices.

Promo codes

Clicking on the Promo Code will bring out a pop up like the picture below. You have to fill out the necessary options to make a new one. The boxes are explained one by one below.

Configure promocode and My Promocodes

These two options are seen at the top of the pop up. The current page is for configure promocode where you set up a new one. If you click on new promocode, you can see your existing ones.

Discount options

Then comes the discount options. The fist box is for discount percentage. This is the percent amount you want to give for your products. The second box is for cap amount or maximum amount of discount. In the picture we have given 20% discount capped at 5 MYR. That means, if a person buys a product worth 10 MYR, they will get a 20% discount of 10 MYR which is 2 MYR. But if they buy a product worth 50 MYR, 20% of which is 10 MYR, they won’t get more than 5 MYR as that is the cap amount of discount. You can click no limit to remove this to remove this cap option and then customers will get flat 20% discount on whatever money they spend. After that comes the “Fixed amount” where customers won’t get any percentage discount, they will get the flat amount you set.

Number of customers and times to use code

In this section you can select how many times this promocode can be used by a customer. You can also limit the total number of times this promocode can be used. In the picture below you can see that I have set a maximum number of times a customer can use the promo code is 1 and the entire promocode limit is set to 20 times.

Time and Minimum product value

This is where you set from when to when you want the promo code to run. You also set the minimum product price in this section. If you do not want to set a minimum value for your product, then you can select the “No Minimum Purchase” option

People who can use the code

In this section there are three already set fields from which you have to choose. Only the chosen people will be able to use the promo code.

Delivery Discount and Promocode name

In this section you can select full delivery discount to a certain point or percent in delivery discount that is capped at a certain amount. For example, in this one I have selected 50% discount capped at 5 MYR. That means if the delivery rate is 8 MYR, the customer will get 4 MYR discount and the delivery charge will be 4 MYR. But if the delivery charge stands at 12 MYR, the discount will still be 5 MYR as that is the maximum amount.

Then in the box below, you have to decide a name for the promocode. This is where you can get creative and decide whatever name you want to give the promocode. Try to stay relevant in this section as too complex a code can confuse your customers to use it.

Restriction of PROMO CODE

In this section you can restrict as to who can use the promo code (s). You can restrict it to specific mobile numbers, specific emails, specific order IDs, Online payment, cash on delivery/ direct transfer. You can select one or multiple at the same time. Only the orders matching the selected options will be able to use the promocode.  

Once you are done giving your desired information, click save.