7 tasks you can automate for FREE that will save you more than 15K RM monthly and grow your monthly sales over 90K RM in less than 6 months for your Cash On Delivery online busienss even if you are old school and scared of technology.

Check out how Jomsolek, an online make up retailer saved monthly 18K RM and grew their monthly sales from RM 10K to RM 96K in less than 6 month:

Meet S, owner of Jomsolek, a make up retailer in Malaysia. He buys make up items from local wholesale market and sells in Facebook and Whatsapp.

Initially with online payment only, he was not getting much traction. He found some Cash On Delivery (COD) Logistics Partner and started COD operations.

He started getting daily 100+ people making queries in his Facebook page comments, messenger inbox and Whatsapp. Orders started to come from everywhere. His sales grew to daily 15-20 orders. He was swamped in responding to hundreds of queries, capturing orders, buying the stocks, packing orders, submitting the orders in delivery company website, following up to collect payment and returned product and so on.

It was so overwhelming, he used to start his day at 8am and even after returning home after 8pm, he had to keep working to prepare the list of items to order, respond to customer queries and the never ending task list goes on.

He saw EZAssist – a Query and Order Management Solution that supports multiple Cash On Delivery partners and settles the COD collection in 3 business days and COD Fees starts from as low as 2 RM per orders.

Initially he started for the faster payout and lower delivery fee. But soon he discovered, EZAssist makes him efficient and frees up his time dramatically; he now starts at 9am and finishes all of his packing and shipment by 3pm everyday with a daily order volume of 60+. Even after that, he has enough time to think and focus on other important things in business and life.

7 tasks EZAssist automates for him are:

1. Multi-user multi-channel Query Handling

EZAssist brings all queries from facebook comments, messenger inbox and whatsapp to a single place and all his team members can use it together. He and his team can answer queries and capture orders in the same screen. The auto suggestion feature learns on its own and suggests replies, he also defined some automatic responses that reduced his work load significantly.

2. Identify customers who shared address and other details using EZAssist Artificial Intelligence to create Invoices Instantly

EZAssist classifies leads automatically and puts the leads who shared address and contact details in separate group (Ready for Invoice). This helps him to quickly identify the customers who confirmed order, he can create Invoice Instantly.

3. Buy what sells – Instantly know what to source to fulfill the pending orders. Minimize cost of inventory.

EZAssist instantly gives the list of items required to process pending orders. He doesn’t need to prepare what to buy separately anymore.

4. Single click submission to delivery company that provides best rate

No more delivery order creation in delivery company system. He can submit the pending orders to the best rate providing delivery company with a single click. EZAssist shows and auto select the best rates from a range of Couriers e. g. Ninja Van, Flash, PosLaju, DHL and many others.

5. Identify Problematic Deliveries instantly and coordinate with delivery company and customer for resolution

No more manually checking in different delivery company systems for the statuses of parcels. The delivery statuses are automatically tracked and updated so it is just a click to find the problematic parcels so that he can coordinate with customers to resolve the delivery issues.

6. Ensure timely return of rejected COD orders so that it is reloaded in the Inventory

Parcels returned by customers can be easily tracked till it is received back. Now he can follow up with delivery partner in a single click just by exporting the parcel list in excel and sending to them.

7. Instant overview of sales trend and operational bottlenecks – informed growth planning

Besides all these, he can now have a big picture view of his sales, operation and collections instantly. Also he has enough time to focus on planning his growth.

He and his team were exhausted overworking earlier, every daya 8am to 8pm even on week ends. Those days are long gone now.

He is saving a total of RM 18,000 just from overtime and extra staffing in customer servicing, sourcing and packing cost. His monthly sales increased from less than RM 10,000 to RM 96,000 in just 6 months.

All of them leave office on time to enjoy relaxed weekends with family. On top of everything, business is growing month on month steadily.

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