How Managing Your Leads Can Lead to Higher Sales!

Businesses are getting increasingly competitive in the digital landscape. The key to ensuring you get a large share of the pie is excellent customer service. And the secret to that lies in providing customers with the right information at the right time. This is where lead management comes in. With Ezassist’s lead management system, you can categorize your potential customers into various groups and provide them with personalized services. This ensures that you have superior service quality for every potential customer.

Let’s explore this in further detail.

Understanding the Customer Journey

Before a purchase happens, a customer undergoes a certain journey. This customer journey is different for different industries, but we’ll try to paint a generalized version for basic understanding. All customers are not equal, so the type of counseling you do should vary for maximum conversion.

Phase 1: Visit

This is the initial stage of a customer’s journey. At this stage, the customer is largely unaware of your brand and products and is just getting exposed to them. They are not yet aware of whether your product is of any use to them. Suppose, you run an upscale boutique that sells clothing items made of only Dhakaiya Muslin – a famous type of fine cotton woven fabric that became popular in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Leads that fall under this category don’t yet know of the heritage of muslin – or why it is considered a premium fabric. So, your task here is to educate these leads about your product. You should also try to catch their attention, or else they wouldn’t be interested in hearing you out. This can be done by building an elegant website and doing campaigns that focus on teaching the general populace about what Muslin is.

Knowing what the leads want in different stages is important to properly nurture the leads. For visitors, discount offers are not the right campaign. As they aren’t aware of the attractions of the product yet, they wouldn’t be interested in the discounts.

Phase 2: Explore

In this stage, you have successfully managed to capture your lead’s attention. Leads that fall in this basket are aware of what Muslin is. Now, they are interested in this item and are actively exploring information about it. For leads of this kind, your campaigns should focus on providing detailed information on Muslin – the heritage, the location, the workers, how it is made, the different types of Muslin, what makes one type superior over the rest, how to spot authentic fabric, etc.

Phase 3: Evaluation

This is the phase where leads have an intention of buying. By now, they know all about Muslin and are interested in purchasing it. In this stage, the leads compare and evaluate all the different businesses that sell their desired product. Your task for this particular basket of leads is to ensure that they end up choosing your business. For this, you can do discounts and other promotional campaigns. You can also inform them further on why your brand is a reliable source of original Muslin cloths. Once the customer likes your brand and gets a discount, they are very likely to favor you when comparing alternatives.

Phase 4: Purchase & Use

Leads in this basket actually make the purchase. If there is room for negotiation, it happens here. Evaluation continues to this stage; the leads compare prices in particular. In this stage, your task is to ensure your leads get a fair value. Discounts will also help in this stage, along with a promise of quality.

Phase 5: Loyalty & Advocacy

Finally, after using the product, provided they liked it, the leads become an advocate for your brand. They also become loyal customers who may make repeat purchases. By phase 5, the leads have already had multiple interactions with your brand. So, a relationship of the leads and your brand forms. This is the most important basket of leads. You have to keep nurturing them so that they keep coming back to you. Campaigns for this group can be special discounts & offers for repeat customers and notifications of new launches. Specified nurturing will result in high customer satoisfaction.

Why Do Lead Management & How Ezassist Can Help

In the customer journey depicted above, it is clear that customers in different phases of the journey have different priorities. If you have a dedicated software service for your leads, such as Ezassist, then you can easily categorize all of your existing leads based on their position on the customer journey. If your business has a Facebook page, all leads who text the page will automatically be added to your lead database. This makes the input process much easier.

Once you have grouped all the leads in Ezassist, you can decide how to interact with different lead groups. How much effort should be given can also be easily determined. From here, you can do promo codes, message blasting, and campaigns for selected groups of leads using Ezassist. It is very important to give the right amount of effort to the right leads, because doing so increases the conversion rate. Conversion rate refers to the percentage of visitors to your website who make a purchase.

By nurturing different sets of leads correctly, you can increase the conversion rate of these sets. This will also optimize your costs because no unnecessary effort will be expanded on the wrong set of leads.

With an increased conversion rate and decreased cost, managing leads effectively can lead to higher sales!

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