Your Chatbot Is Your New Brand Ambassador

Over the years, chatbots have evolved from being mere curiosities to being authentic extensions of your brand’s values and beliefs. In everything that a chatbot does for you – providing product recommendations for customers, answering queries, qualifying leads, setting up appointments or just providing a bit of witty entertainment, chatbots today are considered brand ambassadors for businesses.

While exciting chatbot interactions can turn your customers into fans of your brand, poor chatbot interactions can severely hurt your business and its reputation. A well-crafted personality for your chatbot can be a turning point in customer experience, one of the most critical growth and success factors of the 21st century.

According to a study by PwC, on an average, 31% of customers would stop interacting with a brand they love after just one bad experience and and average of 44% of customers would do the same after several bad experiences.

You can have a lot of fun designing a chatbot for your business. Your chatbot can have a myriad of different personalities based on the kind of business you’re running, the values you want your chatbot to uphold, and your vision for the perfect salesperson to represent your business. Your online business can have thousands of visitors and you can design the kind of experience each of these visitors have during their visit by crafting the perfect personality for your chatbot.

Customers Remember A Chatbot With A Personality

For your online book store called “The Last Chapter”, you can name your chatbot something dignified like Madam Pince from Harry potter and give her the personality of a grumpy librarian. You can design your chatbot to make witty replies to queries and act annoyed when you ask too many questions, as if to mimic an actual grumpy librarian. You can craft your chatbot to use quotes from a certain book while showing the purchase carousel of the book when a visitor asks for it. Visitors in your inbox will enjoy the experience very much and remember it. It’s important that your customers remember you.

For your online tech store you can design a geeky chatbot that goes nuts when given the chance to talk about technology. You can have your chatbot ask customers questions about what they’re looking for in a device and follow up up whipping out a product catalogue that meets the customer’s requirements. Your bot can help customers decide which product to buy if customers are indecisive, or just highlight unique product features when asked to view one. Imagine the geekiest, most enthusiastic, most well-informed and skilled tech salesperson you can hire for a typical tech store and you can design your chatbot to be exactly that. When customers have all their needs met in such a manner, there’s ample room for building up brand equity.

For your telehealth business that sets up online appointments with doctors, you can design your chatbot to be caring, compassionate and concerned for your customers’ health just as a clinic nurse would. You can design your chatbot to inquire about a visitor’s physical and mental health when when enter your inbox, suggest doctors for a particular problem that a visitor mentions, and schedule appointments with a doctor just as a receptionist at a clinic would. To make the visitor experience even more engaging, you can schedule replies for visitors who have made appointments in the past and ask them if they’re feeling better or if they need any other health issue taken care of. Your chatbot can be the brand ambassador for you telehealth company and establish your company as an organization that genuinely cares about its clients.

Add A New Dimension To Your Brand Using EZAssist

With personalized AI chatbots, the level of customer satisfaction you can achieve with every customer that visits your inbox can be infinite. Your chatbot can be the persona of your company and be a delight to interact with. Maintaining customer relationships are one of the most vital factor’s for a business’s growth and survival, and how you choose to design your chatbot can make or break your business. EZAssist is an end to end CRM toolkit featuring advanced artificially intelligent chatbots that can help you create your very own brand, or take your existing brand to newer heights.

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